• Website Call Tracking : Maximise the return on your advertising

    31st March

    Few activities in business are done just for the hell of it. The drive for profitability means most business activities should deliver a return on investment (ROI). This is no less true of the effectiveness of online advertising and promotion. As more and more people move into the digital economy the need to accurately measure and analyse a company’s online promotion investment increases…

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  • OMG, it moved... how did they do that?

    29th March

    Our digital culture has put visual communication front and centre of corporate communications. Consider the popularity of YouTube, SlideShare and Facebook and their role as powerful corporate promotional tools. Who knows, perhaps it’s because humans have evolved to scan for game on the horizon, that we register movement so readily. Who can doubt that the moving image informs us more…

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  • Wordpress - a world beating CMS

    27th March

    Back in 2005 at a Web Directions conference I was enjoying a beer with John Allsop, author, developer, conference organiser and many things besides. I remember clearly that John said that, “Wordpress was going to change the world”. At the time, I thought his statement was a bit of an over-reach. As it turns out, he was completely right. In fact Wordpress has come a very long way…

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  • How did you hear about us? Bing! Really?

    23rd March

    As the Internet matures it is becoming harder for your online advertising to be seen above your competitors. Google Adwords is certainly the king of Pay Per Click (PPC) online advertising but with reduced ‘cut through’ due to the increased competition perhaps it’s time to look beyond the Google world to eke out a bit more value from your advertising spend. There’s no…

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