• Wearables are coming

    30th August

    Smartphones have extended our conception of connectivity creating an appetite and an expectation of 24/7 digital contact. Mobiles without internet now seem like the dumb terminals of the pre-internet computer age; dead ends with limited functionality. We’ve grown used to being able to communicate with friends and family at most points of the day – even surreptitiously in meetings…

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  • Ephemeral to effective - new Facebook bookmarking

    27th August

    Is your business using Facebook as part of your marketing mix? Great! As the online economy continues to mature its functionality is merging somewhat in subtle but important ways. Take the recent announcement by Facebook that means users can now save items for viewing later. What does this mean for your business? Consider what it means for your business if your Facebook items can be saved and…

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  • Adwords add value

    19th August

    Businesses are always looking for ways to stand out from their competitors. It’s getting harder and harder to do that today as most now have an online presence. Google Adwords has made it easier by the release of a new feature that helps you showcase your points of difference. Callout extensions allow advertisers to draw attention to particular aspects of your products and services that…

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  • Did you know email marketing is thriving?

    18th August

    Social media and its power to expand your customer base has been grabbing a lot of mindshare amongst businesses and marketers. That’s understandable given its reach and immediacy but email marketing should still be a part of your online digital marketing plan. And for a good reason - it works. In fact it’s more effective by a factor of 40 as compared to Facebook and Twitter combined…

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